Park Lane Mall Redevelopement

For those of us who have lived in Reno for decades it is exciting to see so many classic properties turned into more than a vacant lot.  I must admit when they first tore down the old mall I was a bit sad.  I, like many of you, had many memories there.  I bet most of the newer generation has never heard of  Woolworths, let alone actually been in one.   But things change and change is good.  Most of the time.

Although Casinos are a part of Reno that I enjoy; I wasn’t really looking forward to the possibility of the Jed Klampit(Beverley Hillbillies) casino that was supposed to be built there.  Fortunately it looks like they are going to extend the great part of town we have come to know as midtown.  Instead of me telling you all about it, I have included a link so you can check it out yourself.  This article is one of the best I have found.  This area is going to be pretty cool if they are able to do everything they are talking about.