Spaghetti Bowl

In January we had the State of the state address from Governor Sandoval. He said a lot about what is currently happening and what will be happening in the future of our great state. One of the things he mentioned was the expansion and construction of the Spaghetti bowl. Most of us know of this as the place where I-80 and hwy395 intersect.  But the newer folks to this area think of it as I-80 and 580.  With all the growth in the recent years this has become a very hectic place at times. It obviously can not continue in it’s current state for much longer. Thankfully there are plans in the near future to help all of us have a better commute. I have included a link if your interested to see what is currently happening involving this subject, and what the possibilities are for the future. Please take a moment and see for yourself. You will also find contacts for everyone involved in this project should you have some input.